Top 10 Types of Wedding Cakes to Choose From

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake is traditionally served in receptions. Some have tradition to have it by following dinner or many have use it as a start-up snacks for the guests. In ancient times there was tradition of eating cake for good luck and fortune but now it is mostly represented as centerpiece. Many often don’t cut them or many have just single tier for groom and bride.

Wedding cakes comes in different sizes and flavor according to the no. of guests going to taste it. Butter cream, chocolate, gum paste, fondant and marzipan are the most often used ingredients. It is the sign of luxury and status, as the bigger it gets the costlier it comes. It comes in different types, such as cakes of various flavors, traditional, smaller, individual, frosted, and cup-cakes. Earlier white cakes were only used but now as we developed people started changing. One more modern adaptation are the toppings, commonly it represents a bride and a groom. Many also try something artful nowadays.

Nowadays it is too hard to make a selection, as there are many and different types available there for you, you get a mess in getting the best. It is good to check a bit before placing order. Some will suggest you for this another for that as for your big day it is good to have an antique one. I am here to help you by the best of my knowledge. Here are some of the public favorites by which you can decide one for the special evening.

Here we have, Top 10 Types of Wedding Cakes to Choose From:

White Rose Cake:

White Rose Cake

White Rose Cake

Roses are the most definite love symbol. White roses symbolize unity, true love and purity as red associates with passion. You can add gently edible petals of sugar to three to four tiers of cake and can create a temple like structure that blooms.

Embellished White Cake:

Embellished White Cake

Embellished White Cake

A detailed white cake including sat piping atop and with ribbons of your choice, as mostly we prefer white and red for marriages.  You can put a cake topper on it according to your choice, if you have any vintage collection of it or it is easily available at the market.

Dutch Golden-Age Cake: Rachel Ruysch, a Dutch artist. By his paintings of still-life botanical this piece is inspired. It is so well decorated that many of your guests would have an eye on it as it looks like a beautiful centerpiece. It contains sugar flowers, chocolates and rosewater butter cream as main ingredients. It is best according to its look.

Art Deco Cakes: The design of this cake is ancient and simple. It contains frosting piped dots, sanding sugar coated on plaques and butter cream covered on it. It looks so pretty and also is simple and plain.

Jewel Inspired Cake:

Jewel Inspired Cake

Jewel Inspired Cake

This is the cake made for Kings and Emperors but know it is the piece that shows standards and levels. It contains royal icing to pearl strands, sparkling baubles with spearmint. It mostly comes in four tiers and is easily available on order.

Appliqued and Embroidered Lace Cake: It is inspired by the early trend of dress that was on the flow on nineteenth century. It is so hard to be made but is liked by every generation. The laces are made so perfectly that it is hard to notify by just looking to it.

Modern Damask Cake: Inspired by textiles it is a very beautiful cake which will be definitely appreciated by the lady. As it comes in royal color of marriage and is hard to make. Very few finish it perfectly and it can be made in many layers according to your budget.

Special Delivery Cake:

Special Delivery Cake

Special Delivery Cake

The special delivery cake is designed in such a way that by looking to it you’ll feel that these are packed gift boxes and also it is tied by a ribbon just like gifts. It contains dust of gold luster, icing dots, sugar wafers, mint and pillow mints.  These are special cakes which add a pleasure at your ceremony.

French Silk Ribbon Cake: It has the taste in every bite. As well it is designed so well that it will appear as a real show piece. There is a bow at the top which looks quite real. It contains luster dust and lemon extracts mainly. It is so good for the wedding with very few guests.


Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes

Each cup cake toppings can be made of starbursts, hearts with rubber stamped, monograms, fondant wafers and exclamation points. These cakes have no issue to be distributed and many have their favorites as cup-cake. It is good to have it for distribution in guests.

Nowadays it is easily available in the bakery near you or you can get them by placing order at online bakeries. Special cake for the special occasions is the perfect choice, as all have different sense of taste and as well their own likes but these are the best types which are running successfully worldwide.

These cakes will definitely give you respect and appreciation from all the guests who tastes it or well who haves a look over it. Start your new phase of life with a sweet taste and love from your partner. Sweets also add a lust which is helpful for the newly married couple.

Many don’t have tradition to cut cakes so, no worry you can have it just as dessert after the meal and often it is truly said that we must start any good things by eating sweet and there’s nothing sweeter than a cake. Thanks for giving your time in reading this blog. Hope well to go. Give advice’s or suggestions by comments, I’ll be waiting for those.