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Hello Friends, this is Harshwardhan Singh. One and only blogger of the site: Customize Wedding.

Harshwardhan Azad Singh

Harshwardhan Azad Singh

Hello Friends, this is Harshwardhan Singh. One and only blogger of the site: Customize Wedding, which is recently created by me. Here you’ll get ideas and clues for customizing your wedding, which will definitely work for you. As we know it is dream of every bride and groom to have a beautiful and perfect wedding, then why to take chances? It is good to check everything and have a proper preparation, where you can just start by having a visit to some of the wedding planning blogs. Different blogs have different tips and it is good to have a perfect one that suits you. This is the blog where you’ll get most of your answers in an easy and understanding way.

My full name is Harshwardhan Azad Singh, an Indian. I am a full time blogger and a smart man who has experienced many good and as well the bad times of life. I love helping others, as a specialized in personal finance, style and fashion and wedding planning. I have completed my base education and also have worked with one of the best Wedding Planner of our society, as she was a good friend of mine. My free-time was dedicated to her in solving her issues, as everyone is exited for his wedding they have many questions and fear to have everything perfect. Got a very good experience by that and was there also a part of many perfect customized weddings. There are many small but important things that you come to know just by experience.

There was a lack of good tips and suggestions for planning their wedding so, I decided to create a blog, giving various information and suggestions to help couple’s willing to have their perfect and memorable wedding. In this site you’ll get good and practical tips for making your dream come true and having a perfect life-event. You have to do a perfect planning before everything and as well mind set-up should be made earlier about doing the things. I recognized that one who just leave everything on planners get trouble so, it is good to have a look on whole preparation by you.

Here you’ll come to know briefly described tricks for hiring a wedding planner, selecting venues, traditions, cons and pros, or every bit for customizing your full wedding as well engagement’s. You can read article’s for brief information’s about them. I always try to help all by the best of my knowledge so; you can have trust and can go for it. Thanks.