61 Types of Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

It’s a dream of every growing girl to get married like the Princesses of fairy tales. Looking best at wedding day is one of the main rights and dream of every bride and groom. Choosing a dress for your big day is such an enjoying and important thing for your wedding, as it takes much time and also gives some stress. The first thing that a bride should do is to select the type of dress that she is going to wear for her wedding day, it must be selected by keeping your body figure and body tone in mind. You can also select a dress according to your wedding theme or venue. Just be clear that its one of your biggest day of life and nothing has to go wrong. From here you can get a good help in choosing the perfect dress for your wedding.

Here we have a brief description of all, 61 Types of Wedding Dresses

1. Affordable Wedding Dresses: Normally every girl has a dream of looking best in her wedding dress that she’s about to wear at her big day, this doesn’t mean that you have to vacant your bank accounts. Especially in budget weddings they won’t have many to spend on dress.

So, here we go with affordable wedding dresses. Nowadays we have got a lot options that finding a good dress under your budget is not a big deal. Many famous stores have a good collection of it as well on online stores you can get it sitting at your home. Here also it comes in plenty of varieties.

2. Black Wedding dresses: Earlier there was a negative thought that black is a color that defines death or unwell for happy situations but nowadays in the modern age black is preferred as best for girls and the head of colors. Now it’s trend to wear whatever color you want or like the most for your wedding and also some have budget issues in buying white dresses. Black also puts a dark impression on the person looking to.

So, don’t panic on thinking superstitions, and go for the trend going on by choosing black as your wedding color. Select some good accessories perfectly matched to your wedding dress for better look. The best, you can go for Black Gown’s.

3. Backless Wedding Dresses: By the word backless only we assume a picture of stylish, modern and sexy lady. It is mostly loved by fashion trending brides or celebrities and also comes on fire in summers. As nowadays it comes with more flexibility and grace.

Generally it looks good on fair skin or a toned skin, if not you can go for some skin treatments before. It comes in many patterns and also in different style, from which you can choose the best one according to you or your body type. Although selecting a dress for your wedding is not an easy decision and not every girl gets her dream come true. So it’s better to have some choices to select from.

4. Beach Wedding Dresses:

Beach Wedding Dress

Beach Wedding Dress

One of the most romantic places for getting wedded is beach. The open air wedding, designed with natural beauties is as dream of every young girl. The most important in that is to select a bridal dress. It is best to prefer a small, comfortable and beautiful dress according to your body type because you have to face factors like wind, sand and heat.

As it would be more energetic don’t go with a dress with flowing train. The most considered beach dress is relaxed, casual and also at a time cool and sexy. You must have to look for an easy fabric. The best according to me is the dress in which you feel comfortable and beautiful. Comfort is the important thing you have to keep in mind while looking for beach wedding dresses.

5. Cheap Wedding Dresses: If you are not able to buy some expensive dress for your wedding that doesn’t mean that you will not look pretty on your wedding day. Smart ladies mostly prefer a cheaper dress as it has to be worn for one day, then why to waste a plenty on it. Nowadays we have many options to find a perfect one for you under your budget which will make you feel like a princess.

A cheap wedding dress doesn’t mean that it’s totally off, but they also come in nice fabrics. There are many more options available for a cheaper dress, you can have a self made or you can rent a dress or used wedding dresses are also available in market. Just have a nice combination of accessories and you can rock the floor.

6. Casual Wedding Dresses: Nowadays everyone is going for comfort and ease, in this time most of the brides didn’t like heavy thing over them. They switch to casual wedding dresses. It is the big day so just have a good one according to you and also a light weighted dress makes you feel free and more enjoyable.

The best profit on looking a casual dress for your wedding is that you can use it after your wedding also, in the weddings of your close friend or relatives. You’ll like this more as most of the wedding dresses are kept in some corner of wardrobe, while yours will come in use.

7. Camouflage Wedding dresses: It is the most inspiring and unique dress for the modern brides willing to have a change from traditional white dresses. These dresses are available in different colors and also come in outstanding prints. You can have one according to you, according to your passion and style. Most commonly brides connected by military prefer this.

It is one of the most popular wedding dresses, as it is more in trend nowadays. Girls having a different thought go for the dresses like this. It comes in different patterns like full, half printed and many. It can also be made by themes and also both bride and groom can have same patterned for better look.

8. Disney Wedding Dresses: Every small girl has a dream to marry like princess of fairy tales. Now you can make your dream come true by dressing for wedding like Cinderella, Ariel, etc. The famous designer Alfred Angelo has a good collection of Disney inspired dresses which can help you in making your childhood dream come true.

It is mostly preferred to slim and thin girls. In high societies we normally see this collection, as there is no line of budget. You can also have your wedding dress just-like of your favorite character. Just like of Princess Jasmine, Tiana, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

9. Designer Wedding Dresses:

Designer Wedding Dress

Designer Wedding Dress

For the brides who will to have a wedding with no budget and all according to her, the best. The designer wedding dress is for them. As it is a bit costlier but you have the will to have it all designed according to you and your body type. Nowadays we have a wide no. of good designers to choose from.

Creative ladies mostly prefer this. Designer dresses have a fact that it is totally new and mostly same style is also not available. You’ll get a unique look and also your big day will be remembered by your dress also. It really gives you the feeling of a princess. Most important is to select a good and well known designer for designing your dress.

10. A – Line Wedding Dresses: Naturally it is good for all brides, with a little alteration it comes fit to fat or thin brides. It is good for all seasons and mostly comes in nice and easy fabric. Normally this pattern fixes at hips and streams outside by the trim. This fabric is fit for all situations, from beach wedding to church.

This comes in various styles, you can have a piece with flowing train and also it comes on ankle-top. This A-Line Dress also comes in different length which you can prefer according to you and it is also helpful for a little healthy lady as it helps in hiding the fat.

11. Elegant Wedding Dresses: It is classically styled with simple details and clean lines. With long trains and plain skirt it is typically just like a-line dresses. This elegant wedding dress comes a bit costlier but their timeless beauty makes it ok. There are some very famous designers of this wedding type, whose collections will make you over-flow.

With some good matching accessories you can grace up more on your wedding day. You can see this type of dresses in some popular and historic weddings. It is pleasure to have a one from this for you, especially for your wedding day. It has designs with heavy fabric. So, it’s best to have a check before wedding of your comfort.

12. Expensive Wedding Dresses: The one who have their dreams come true as wedding or have undefined love in between or where money is no matter, this dresses are for them. Nowadays we have a range of dresses in millions and there are many who spend that much for just one day.

Mostly these dresses are designed by designers and it also comes in jewelries fixed at it. It is commonly used by celebrities and people who are really rich. Some grooms who love their bride also haves it for them as it shows standard of love and the day is made historic for the couple. A costly thing is always not right so, it’s better to have a check to it before, the million dollar thing.

13. Fish-Tail Wedding Dresses: This dress is for confident brides seeking for a show-stopper dress. It is the dress which will make your groom breath out. It is also known as a mermaid dress which is tightly fitted on your body till the knees and after it, it flares out. This dress shows your body shape more clear and perfect than any of the wedding dresses.

You can choose among varieties, what suits and fits you the best. It looks pretty with any good accessories. Brides having good body figure go with it as it also adds sexiness without doing any show-off of your body flesh. It is best for simple weddings.

14. Fall Wedding Dresses: It is a long wedding dress, which is commonly in trend in autumn or spring seasons. It is a long flowing train dress which sticks up till stomach and spreads out from there. Brides having a wedding in church or some plain area prefer for these dresses. As it shows your upper body curves and makes you feel like princess.

It is best to have it in bright colors and it perfectly suits on tall and slim brides. It comes in different varieties and also we have some of famous designers making this like dresses. It is easily available in stores near you and has different rates according to their fabric.

15. Fitted Wedding Dresses: These types of dresses are mostly selected by beautiful and smart brides who have a dream of making everything perfect. You can make any of your wedding dresses tight fit according to you. As it embraces your body figure and gives the prettier look that might she ever had. You can have a best one for you by your designers.

It is best for slim brides no matter of what color. It is comfortable and it’s easy to move wearing it. Have a good customized one that looks like your second skin. It’s best for the brides who want their wedding to be a romantic one.

16. Formal Wedding Dresses:

Formal Wedding Dresses

Formal Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for some formal dress for your day-time wedding is a good idea. You can make a choice from Long Formal Gowns or Formal Day Dresses. These dresses add a good impact at your impression and also make you feel free to move or to dance.

In the wedding planned with your colleagues or business partners, it is best to have a formal wedding dress. As it makes you feel free, also adds a smart impression of yours among all. It comes in low range and is easily available at the stores near you. You can have it with some leather or standard accessories for perfect look.

17. Gothic Wedding Dresses: Gothic Wedding’s are symbolized by their wedding dresses. A long gown with some matching accessories will make a perfect sense of Gothic wedding. Nowadays many of dark shades are available or you can go for a fully customized one by your designer. The best thing about your Gothic wedding dress would be that it’ll come in use even after the day of wedding.

A long Gothic gown, with some stripes of red would be the best; by using it on a Gothic themed wedding you can definitely show your passion and dedication to your partner. Not only this, you can go for dark shades like purple, red and blue. Gothic weddings are elegant, dark and full of attitude. You can get it made with good fabric by your designer or it is also easily available at the stores near you or you can select a good one from online stores.

18. Gypsy Wedding Dresses: A big fat gypsy wedding dress is a good and unique selection that you can make for your wedding day. It is also a big deal to hold such a heavy dress and also it takes lots of money to get it. It has more volume in its skirt and incorporates in vibrant colors. It is just like tradition in gypsies that they love over top dresses and bigger dresses.

It is dream of every girl to look as beautiful and outstanding on her wedding day that everyone has an eye at her. Gypsies like bright colors for their dresses with corset top and sweet heart neckline. Gypsy dresses come a bit costlier and also are so heavy to carry for long time; its average weight is 100 lbs. It is best to have a one made by your designer.

19. Gold Wedding Dresses: Wearing a gold wedding dress for your wedding adds a special royal touch to your personality. It is mostly used in Royal or Christmas weddings. The metallic look gold wedding dress shows your glamour. It is best to have it in golden theme wedding.

These dresses come in different fabrics and varieties, some of them are made with gold polish, many have thin threads of gold designed on their dress, etc. These dresses are costlier and also put a heavy weight on the bride’s body. It is best to have a piece designed by a good designer. With some matching accessories you’ll glam up the whole evening.

20. Indian Wedding Dresses: The traditional wedding color for wedding dress of a bride in India is red. In India most of the weddings are done traditionally, nowadays tradition has met planning. An Indian Wedding is full of religious views and lots of programs. An Indian bride also wants to look perfect at her big day. It is dream of every future bride here. Mostly here people prefer to go with their traditional attire for wedding, as Sari and Lehnga are the most used with lots of jewelries and accessories. Some of the western brides here also wear Salwar Kameez as their wedding dress.

Indian wedding dress comes in huge range because a lot of work is done on them, some rich Indians get their bride’s dress updated by gold, silver and some precious stones. It is a tradition here to have as much jewelries as one can have on her.  The most common accessories used here are mangtika, nathni, necklace, ear-rings, lots of bangles and anklet (payal). Without all these accessories an Indian bride is incomplete. You can get it designed by your designer or it is also easily available at the good stores near you.

21. Inexpensive Wedding Dresses: Looking for some inexpensive wedding dress is a good idea for those who have money problems or in budget wedding it is good to save some for future. Many smart females prefer cheap wedding dresses as it has to be used for only one day and the rest in corner of wardrobe, so why to waste so much money on just looking pretty for one night. Although it is your big day but you can make it proper also by choosing cheap but good dress for you.

Nowadays you have got many options for getting it in simple, you can check for the ones with not so good fabric in your local market or you can also check on online stores. More options come here in modern period that you can rent a good piece for you, or you can have a used one, or you can just borrow it by your friend.

22. Informal Wedding Dresses: If you are planning for a not so known wedding with just your family members it is best to get an informal wedding dress for your wedding day. It is a simple designed dress which makes everyone’s focus on you, and also it can be worn in any comfortable way that suits the bride.

Not only on small weddings but it can also be used in simple weddings with few audience. It comes in a very good fabric and in different cuts and shapes. Its designs are as good that it can fit any body frame. These days market is of these informal wedding dresses only, you can also have it designed by a good designer for best appearance.

23. Ivory Wedding Dresses: As we know nowadays there are lots of options available in selecting your wedding dress, but the most of brides go with the ivory wedding dress. It looks perfect in any wedding ceremony and goes with every skin tone. Especially for beach weddings the most preferred wedding dress is ivory wedding dress; it gives a tropical touch to the ceremony.

It has a specific feature that you can have a piece that you can also use in some ceremonies after your wedding too, as most of the white one’s stay at your wardrobe only. Earlier in past centuries it was significant colour of second marriage. Although time has changed and nowadays! It is the most selected colour for brides in every wedding. It is best to have a piece specially designed for you, for your big day.

24. Knee Length Wedding Dresses: Those brides who have desire to change go for altered knee length wedding dresses, apart from going to the tradition of long wedding dresses. Slowly its becoming popular among brides and especially for them who have desire to get a dress that can be used also after the wedding day and also it is the perfect one for the beach or outdoor weddings.

Those who like to show their body can have a fitted knee length dress totally according to their body type. Apart from the short dresses, it also comes in with a long train that gives you the perfect wedding dress feeling with the sexy front. It also gives you the opportunity to show your accessories especially your shoes. Brides willing to add a sexy touch to their wedding go for the knee-length wedding dress. Mostly brides having beautiful legs go for this pattern.

25. Lace Wedding Dresses:

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dress

Lace Wedding Dresses are in fashion from centuries ago and now also there is a majority of brides who like it. Lace is a girly thing and it fulfills all needs of a bride. It is best to have a lace dress designed by a good costume designer for your big day. It is also the first choice among the designers worldwide from a long time.

Lace is a luxuries fabric, as the dress is of full lace work or a little customization is done, it adds a royal and expensive touch to the look. It comes in wide range as you can have a piece in your budget; the difference comes only in the fabric used for making the lace. It is easily available in the markets in huge quantity so you can get according to you from there or just you can have a piece totally designed for you by a designer.

26. Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses: Because of some inspiring long sleeves gowns worn by celebrities on their weddings (like Kim or Kate), the trend of long sleeves wedding dress is on flow. A number of styles are available for this pattern; you can choose a perfect one according to your body figure that suits you.

For looking classy, elegant and modest one must go for a dress with high neck. Or the perfect expert advice is to have a dress off the shoulder; this gives advantage to show your skin and works for every wedding from church to outdoor weddings. The most important thing to see while purchasing this type stuff is to check your comfort level. As it will stick to your body so it is best to have a piece made by good fabric to avoid irritation.

27. Monsoon Wedding Dresses: Girls having their wedding in monsoon gives them the advantage to select a colourful and vintage dress for their big day. Every bride getting wedded in monsoon keeps in her mind the climate and atmosphere factor. Soft silk layers, lace and embellishment in cream, silver and ivory shades can be worn with both short and full lengths.

Nowadays new styles are also introduced like a one with long sleeves, mid length or the one wrapped in. You can get perfect look by adding matching accessories and attitude. Pearl is the most to go with jewellery with these dresses. It is also best to have a full themed wedding upon monsoon, as you will see everything designed like you.

28. Modest Wedding Dresses: Choosing a modest dress for wedding is never out of fashion, it takes time and lots of searching is to be done for finding the perfect one for you. The modest dress expresses an elegant and timeless feel. These dresses gives you comfort and uplift you from the fear of malfunction and give you the inner confidence to stay and look sexy.

Of course the bride wearing a modest wedding dress also wants to actually be modest. The best is to go for your choice and get a piece designed by good designer according to you and your body type. By some alteration you can make it fine for any wedding type.

29. Mermaid Wedding Dresses: It is also known as Fish-Tail Wedding Dress in common language. It is one among the most popular bought dresses for wedding. As you can say it is the most classic one among all of the styles available of wedding dresses. Usually it comes fitted from top to waist and knees and then it flares out.

The best thing about this dress is that it comes in nice fabric that itself shows the curves of dress, satin and lace are the most commonly and widely used fabrics. The brides having good body figure, mermaid is the best choice. The brides who want to make all eyes stay at her normally go with mermaid wedding dress for her big day.

30. Non Traditional Wedding Dresses: Nowadays modern brides want their wedding totally according to them; they don’t spoil their expectation by following traditions. Most brides try something unique and different for their big day and by the help of designers there are many patterns and colours and designs with which you can go for.

Slowly the tradition of white gowns is vanishing and it is replaced by colourful unique dresses. The big hand in this replacement is of costume designers, the modern designers are able to make dresses according to your vision or choice and it’s true that unique things are mostly appreciated. A piece designed by a good designer will go perfect for going with non-traditional wedding dresses.

31. Plus Size Wedding Dresses: It is a big deal to find a perfect plus size wedding dress, especially for a little fatter bride. But nowadays we have many options to make choices; you can go for shopping in and can try out as much pieces you want. You can make sure of the size and the comfort level, your inner satisfaction is most important here.

Just keep in mind the dress won’t be too small as it will spoil your look. Keep on searching and you’ll find a perfect one for you, if some piece is good and not in your size you can go for designer to design the dress according to you and in your size. To add a special bit to it you can show-off your beautiful asset.

32. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses: Almost every girl has a dream of her wedding and wedding dress, but when it comes to reality the dream dresses cost a lot and many can’t afford it. Especially in budget wedding they don’t have a lot to spend on purchasing a costly wedding dress for the bride. For them, to fulfil their desire we have pre-owned wedding dresses. As some smart brides go for pre-owned dresses by themselves without having any money problem because they know that, what is the use of wasting a lot for only just one night!!

Many of the pre-owned dresses are not worn also and all rest are just used once. You have to just keep care while buying a pre-owned dress is its condition, size and it’s first hand value. Online market is the most preferred place for buying or selling your wedding dress or you can consult your wedding dress dealer too for a used one.

33. Princess Wedding Dresses:

Princess Wedding Dress

Princess Wedding Dress

After past sessions of trumpet silhouette and mermaid, it is again back with a big bang. It is also known as ball gown styled dresses, these are so romantic and the skirts have voluminous space. Try to keep accessories and your style simple and keep full focus on dress.

You can also make your dress designed by a good designer for unique and royal look. It comes in number of patterns and designs by which you can choose a perfect one for you, according to your body type. It is best to select a pattern or design according to your wedding venue or theme.

34. Quirky Wedding Dresses: Slowly-slowly the tradition of white wedding dress is coming to an end, as nowadays we have lots of styles and dresses to choose from, which comes in different colours. Something unique and quirky adds a special effect to the wedding ceremony. Apart from all, it is also appreciated among all.

For brides who want it more casual and vintage can go for quirky wedding dresses. It not comes so costly and can be bought easily on budget weddings and also has the advantage to be used after your wedding ceremony. It gives quirky and sexy look always whenever worn at any ceremony or get-together.

35. Red Wedding Dresses: Red wedding dresses came in trend surprisingly, as the superstitious started falling people started moving from tradition this reported the rise of this trend. As we know red is the colour of love and fortune. Spite from white gowns this is the colour mostly used by brides, most of the love marriages have brides in red.

Red is one of the bold colours and mostly it is preferred in evening weddings. Red Wedding dresses come in wide range and variety, for a cheaper wedding there is a piece according to you and on royal weddings also there are dresses designed with precious stones which add a more royal touch to the bride.

36. Royal Wedding Dresses: Royal Wedding Dresses are the one who set trends, who becomes the face of many of magazines and papers and also becomes the first choice of brides. The ancient queens had set the tradition of white gowns and the modern ones are following it.

These dresses comes costly and cannot be bought by all, but the one who didn’t have money problem, it is the best choice that a bride can make. Looking like a princess is a dream of every small age girl and this dream can be full filled by getting the wedding dress in royal look. It is best to have a set designed by a good designer, as it is your one time investment.

37. Rustic Wedding Dresses: Those who want to celebrate their wedding with a cool, effortless and relaxed style, the rustic wedding dress is perfect for them. Outdoor venue with a rustic theme is the best reason to buy a unique rustic wedding dress. Try to keep it simple with some cowboy hats and boots.

Try to make more things natural in your venue. Rustic wedding dresses are perfect for vintage weddings, like if you are planning a wedding in an ancient monument or at some ruined place, it is the best. It is best to have a piece designed by some good costume designer and add some matching accessories.

38. Short Wedding Dresses: Nowadays in the modern age brides like to do something unique and apart from the tradition. Not only brides, ladies prefer for short dresses in all the situations as it is more comfortable and breathy. Short wedding dress also gives you the advantage to show your body and add a little sexiness to your look.

Some of the main reasons are it is cheaper than the big dress, easy to carry, comfortable, no assistance is required, you can show your accessories and it can be used again after wedding. It will perfectly go for beach or outdoor weddings of a full modern bride.

39. Second Wedding Dresses: Brides having their second wedding are quite experienced and as well passed through all her nightmares before also. Then also choosing a dress for second wedding is also a bit hard. But it goes easier when you try to go better than your first one. Try to have something romantic and sexy, a fitted but comfortable dress.

Always keep in mind the age factor. So just make a budget and find an appropriate store for you, try till the perfect and make no compromises. Have someone as a good adviser which will definitely help you. Its best to have a dress in off-shade and something highly styled modern romantic dress.

40. Sexy Wedding Dresses:

Sexy Wedding Dress

Sexy Wedding Dress

Brides who want to make things more glamorous and self as attraction point of the ceremony, decides to choose a sexy dress for her wedding. Your Sexy wedding dress should be revealing and must express your beautiful assets. The main thing that gives you bold and sexy look is attitude.

Brides not having budget problem can choose a good designer and can invent a unique design, which goes perfect on you. It is best to have a dress made up of lace, sequin, designed as backless, cut-outs, short hemline, ruffles, or a one with leg-slit. Check for fittings and show your body tone and figure.

41. Summer Wedding Dresses: Brides having their wedding at the summers have an advantage to do most of possible things in your marriage. Most of the summer weddings happen outdoors or at beaches at a sunny and bright day. The most important thing to be taken care of is comfort.

Sleeves and neckline should be comfortable with breathable fabric and texture. It is best to have a strapless, short dress for your summer wedding. You can a bit by adding a train or veil to it. By un-following the tradition you can go with some bright coloured dresses. You can also add some good accessories to it for the best overall view.

42. Simple Wedding Dresses: Apart from some smart ladies this wedding dress is mostly seen at budget weddings. You can make the perfect dashing look by just adding some accessories on you, like a pair of awesome shoes, a bouquet of flowers in hand with extravagant jewellery.

It is best to have a long-plain white dress, as it will totally reveal your beauty with grace and elegance. As most of the wedding brides go for the traditional White gowns, you can have a one with very less work on fabric but with sexy sleek collar and sleeves. It comes in wider and cheaper range so there would be some saving, in your wedding dress.

43. Second Hand Wedding Dresses: For the brides that have dreams of fairy tale weddings and been dressed as the princess but can’t afford it, have the choice to fulfil their dream by purchasing a second hand dress. As it has to be worn one time only, many smart brides sell their wedding dresses, after the wedding and that helps. Also some want, not to spend many for just one day, so you can go for second hand wedding dress.

The thing that should be noticed is the condition of the dress and it must be altered according to your size and figure. Look for dresses that are not so old and are according to the trend going on. Nowadays there are many options to find a perfect one easily for you because of internet and social networking sites, there is a range of such like dresses from where you can find your favourite one.

44. Traditional Wedding Dresses: All of us have specified wedding attire according to our tradition, somewhere it is white gowns and somewhere we have red saris. Many of designs came and went away during centuries, base stood at center when alterations and modernization took place. Tradition never changes just a slight modification is done into it.

We have an unlimited stock of traditional wedding dresses in our locality nowadays. So it is good to have a full brief look at all the collections from the best store or you can have a one designed by a good designer making him know your main priorities that is necessary to follow tradition. These are the most sold dresses at weddings.

45. Tea Length Wedding Dresses: Brides willing for some sassy, sweet and retro dresses for their wedding can select this cool dress for their big day. It is easy and comfortable to wear and move and the brides who are shoe addicted with beautiful legs this would be their dream dress for wedding. It is best for shorter brides.

You can also add a bit of colour to your dress for bright and romantic look. Tea length dresses are back in action, and with modern culture on lace, sleeves and neckline. You can have perfect round-ups having this dress; the photo moment will be beautiful and enjoying. They stay in trend because of its fun, informal way and flirty attitude.

46. Tight Wedding Dresses: The brides who have stunning body figure and physic, tight wedding dresses would be just as their dream dress for the wedding ceremony. Earlier we had only mermaid dresses in the name of tight fitting dresses but now in the modern age, you can have most of the dresses altered and tight fit to you.

A tight wedding dress shows the curves of the body and as well gives the inner confidence to the bride. It is best to have an adviser with you as to tell whether it must not be over expressive. It is best to have a fish tailed wedding dress or a ball gown, as altered and fitted.

47. Trumpet Wedding Dresses:

Trumpet Wedding Dress

Trumpet Wedding Dress

These trumpet wedding dresses are more common nowadays because of its attractive breath-taking appeal, which leads the bride to her dreams and make your wedding unique. It is fitted till hips and flares out from knees in a shape of trumpet. It highlights your beautiful assets and gives assurance in big amount.

There is a wrong rumor that trumpet didn’t suit to fat girls but in reality it manages your extra wide hips by its flowing trumpet. It is good to have a check of your accessories that it suits well to your dress or not. Girls having dashing body figure and a bad-ass, this dress would be perfect for them.

48. Tacky Wedding Dresses: Some un-matured girls try something unique and ugly on her wedding day and as results they go tacky and give her wedding one more reason to be popular. It is true that tacky dresses add an extra flavor at your wedding but it’s good to not to show-off your body assets more.

Try something unique but always keep in mind the standards as no one would like to be remembered as bad and a topic to laugh. Tacky dresses have a bit extra so, having a trial before your big day and get a true advice is best to avoid tackiness. Some of the tacky dresses are good so, keep it clear and cool.

49. Unique Wedding Dresses: Girls who take wedding as their dream come true and want everything according to fairy tales, go for choosing unique wedding dresses. It is best to have a piece designed by a good designer because finding a unique one at market stores would be a lot time taking and boring. This dress is not for the brides having budget or money issues.

First consider your wedding style and your body shape, after that you can go for some well known designer and don’t forget to tell him/her your priorities and necessities that you want on your wedding dress. It’s best to have trials before the big day and try to keep your accessories neutral as it will highlight your dress the most.

50. Ugly Wedding Dresses: Almost every bride has a dream to look beautiful on her wedding day, but apart from some who won’t care at all. We also have some brides that want to do something unique and ugly for more advertisement. There are also beautiful ugly dresses available in the stores for those who like to have.

All of the designer dresses are not so good, so it’s better to have a one perfect for you. Choose dresses according to your body type and figure, just don’t go with any of the dresses of good designers. The best thing to avoid ugliness is to have a beautician for bride’s preparation.

51. Unconventional Wedding Dresses: Brides not willing to go with traditional wedding dresses, choose unconventional wedding dresses. Most of the unconventional dresses come in different colors and designs; you can make a choice of your favorite color for your wedding dress. By a good costume designer you can have a piece totally designed according to you.

There are many options available, even more than traditional wedding dresses. So take your time to discover the perfect piece according to you, more than of your local stores you’ll get options of these dresses on online stores. Keep accessories according to your dress style and color and try to make perfect because with this type of dresses there are more chances of going wrong.

52. Vintage Wedding Dresses: Most of the sentimental and romantic bride has a dream to walk down the aisle in the stunning vintage wedding dress. Following the tradition is good and to have an ancient designed dress at your big day is mind blowing. Nowadays we know old things are coming back in trend.

It is best to have a vintage dress as you can make choice from a large number of varieties. The brides willing their dream wedding should definitely go for vintage wedding dress, as every bride has right to look most beautiful at her wedding ceremony. And this is the best way to make your wedding popular among all for long time. It comes a bit costlier.

53. Winter Wedding Dresses: Winter is a very romantic season for newly married couple, planning a wedding in winter is great with snowflakes and everything in white. The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is to get a dress which is beautiful and also keeps you warm from within. Sexy sleeves with luxuries fabric are some of the famous styles of winter dresses.

The best choice of color of winter wedding dress is having a traditional white dress, or you can go for some icy colors. The fabric of your dress must be good enough to keep you warm and have some good winter accessories like stole, gloves or shoes, matched by your dress. You can have heavy wedding dresses and can explore the magic around you.

54. White Wedding Dresses:

White Wedding Dress

White Wedding Dress

No matter of odds, from centuries ago there has always been a trend of traditional white wedding dresses in western weddings. Average 90% brides now also go for white dresses, not only tradition but it indicates simplicity, purity and virginity. Now also brides want their gowns like of Queen Victoria and Mary Queen, a full length skirt with fitted bodice.

It is best to go for a white wedding gown followed by some good and matching accessories like veil, train, bouquet and garter. White wedding dresses are quite popular and are easily available at any of good store near you or there is also a vast collection of it in online stores. You can have the best piece from any of your designers, according to your style.

55. Western Wedding Dresses: Western wedding dresses are generally in white or ivory colour, followed by a pattern of silhouettes, gown length and neckline. Many of designs and pattern are available just you have to choose a perfect one for you, which is not only beautiful but fits perfect on you.

In the modern age brides have added a star by adding high heels, veils, lingerie, train and veils. There are very heavy stocks of this like wedding dresses easily available near you, in different range according to their fabric and styling. The most important thing is to get a piece that really suits you and makes your wedding outstanding.

56. Weird Wedding Dresses: Some of the crazy and neurotic brides try something ugly and unique as their wedding dress to make hers wedding more popular. Even more trying about the best in cheap also leads to such like issues. Some even didn’t think before what they are going to wear and take any of set of any designer.

Many have thoughts to wear something different and unique as never done before, as it results forming a weird wedding dress. Bride thinking something to do like this must go for a designer for best result and just keep in mind that of whatever stuff it is made off, it must not be over-revealing or odd.

57. XL Wedding Dresses: All brides are not perfectly shaped or sized zero at her wedding day, no matter there is options which can make your big day really grateful and memorized. Nowadays there are some good designers who really can make a perfect flaunting dress according to your size and style. Some good dresses also hide some of your extra fats.

Earlier it was hard to find a good fitting dress for healthy brides but now it is a bit costly and can be made in a very few time. Attaching some meaningful accessories will make you look prettier and try to take it simpler. Just try to have a comfortable fabric according to climate and have a final trial of it before.

58. Yellow Wedding Dresses: Brides who don’t like white traditional dresses go for colorful dresses, and yellow is a good color to select. If it’s an outdoor wedding in a natural venue, yellow is best. Its bright shade embraces overall look. It represents and enlightens spirituality. Bride’s having yellow as her favorite color is generally cheerful and outdoor lover.

It is best to have some matching accessories and a dress according to your body shape and figure. It is best to have it designed by a good costume designer, which comes perfect on you. It is also available at stores but can take time in finding the right one for you. Manage the shade of Yellow by your venue and timing.

59. Xmas Wedding Dresses: Planning a wedding in Christmas is a great idea and you have opportunity to make it popular for years. You can also have a full themed Christmas Wedding, with all of the decorations like Christmas. Keep the seasonal colors in mind make things go like a festival. It must be in winters so have a proper preparation.

Its best time to be dresses traditionally with a touch of Christmas. You have to take care of fabric as it must keep you warm in winters. You can add accessories according to your dress and try to keep something red as it is the most popular color of Christmas. You’ll have a good collection of it easily near you but best is to have a well designed dress by a good designer.

60. Young Wedding Dresses:

Young Wedding Dress

Young Wedding Dress

It is best to get married at a not very but young age, as there are more possibilities you get in young age then being older. If you want to make it just like your dream wedding, make it sexy and charming. Brides having no budget issues can go for a good designer for the best one. Although just keep your dress tight fitted to you, if you have a good body shape.

We have many choices of color and design during these days, so can try something unique and beautiful. You have advantage to show some of your beautiful assets. Take care of comfort level as it would be more enjoying and active. Accessories that you attach to it must be neutral and should not spoil your look of dress.

61. Zulu Wedding Dresses: This dress format is mainly famous and applicable in South Africa. These dresses are generally multi-colored and have plenty of stripes in it, followed by some local accessories like hats and scarf’s. It also represents some of natural species. Most of the dresses are A-Lined or of Mermaid style which adds a glow to the bride.

Just keep in mind the dress must match your venue. These weddings have lots of colors and lights, so try to keep you a bit neutral. Have some good accessories matching to your dress and style and make it clear by having a trial of all together before the wedding. It is easily available at stores and also at online stores but its best to have a piece fully designed by a good designer of African origin.